Chapter 14. Linuxconf

Linuxconf allows you to configure and control various aspects of your system. Complete documentation of Linuxconf could be a separate book in its own right and is certainly more than we can cover in this chapter. Instead, we'll focus on common tasks such as adding new users and getting connected to a network.

After configuring your systems settings through Linuxconf, the changes are not activated immediately. You must activate the changes by choosing File => Act/Changes from the pulldown menu in the GUI version of Linuxconf, clicking on an Accept button in Web-based Linuxconf, or selecting the Accept button in text-mode Linuxconf.

Starting Linuxconf

You'll need to be root to run Linuxconf. If you are in your user account, type su - at a shell prompt to become root and then type the command linuxconf. If the directory /sbin is not in your path, type the command with the full path: /sbin/linuxconf. If you want to run the GUI version of Linuxconf, you need to have the X Window System installed as well as GNOME.