Chapter 19. Red Hat Network

Red Hat Network is an Internet solution for managing a Red Hat Linux system or a network of Red Hat Linux systems. All Security Alerts, Bug Fix Alerts, and Enhancement Alerts (collective known as Errata Alerts) can be downloaded directly from Red Hat using the Red Hat Update Agent standalone application or through a Web browser at

After you register a system with Red Hat Network, your System Profile is used to deliver software packages, as soon as they are released by Red Hat, to you. Red Hat Network only informs you about Errata Alerts that are relevant to your registered system. The status of your system can be viewed through the Red Hat Update Agent or at

Everyone receives a free Red Hat Network Software Manager subscription for one system. Additional subscriptions are $19.95/month for each system. Red Hat is offering a special introductory $9.95/month rate for systems subscribed before April 6, 2001.

If you have more than one system registered with Red Hat Network, you can view them all from one Web interface as shown in Figure 19-1. You can download all the packages for all your registered systems at the same time. After downloading all the packages, you can then update them on the individual systems in your network group.

Figure 19-1. Your Network

For more information about Red Hat Network, read the Red Hat Network User Reference Guide available at