Enabling Web-Based Linuxconf Access

For security reasons, Web-based access to Linuxconf is disabled by default. Before attempting to access Linuxconf with a Web browser, you'll need to enable access. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open Config => Networking => Misc => Linuxconf network access.

  2. In the Linuxconf html access control dialog box, enter the hostname of any computers that should be allowed access to Linuxconf. This includes your own system, if you wish to use the Web-based interface locally. Web accesses related to Linuxconf may be logged to your system's htmlaccess.log file by selecting the checkbox.

  3. Select the Accept button.

  4. Also, verify that the disable line in the /etc/xinetd.d/linuxconf-web file reads
    Then run the command /sbin/service xinetd reload from a shell prompt.

Web-based access should be enabled. To test it out, go to a system that you added to the access control list. Then, launch your Web browser, and enter the following URL:


(Replace <host> with your system's hostname, of course.) You should see the main Linuxconf page. Note that you will need to enter your system's root password to gain access beyond the first page.

You can also enable network-wide access to Linuxconf by following the same steps and entering a network name instead of a hostname.